Bloody Good Headline
Shane Hogan

Uncle Tony, approved Three Fools and the Secret Service
Mina Mileva
Vesela Kazakova

National Dream
Jose Nacif

Little People Big Dreams
Chun Kit Mak

Burden of Peace
Annemiek Munneke
Bart Voorsluis

Football in the Valley
Roy Krispel

I Married My Family’s Killer
Emily Kassie

NOWITZKI. The Perfect Shot
Sebastian Dehnhardt

The Birdman
Alexandru Mavrodineanu

Garden of Dreams
Alejo Yael
Javier Tanoira

In Between Mountains and Oceans
Masaaki Miyazawa
Yusuke Kamata

The Undertaker
Andrea Capranico
Bianca Balbuena
My Pilot, salve
Alexander Gratovsky
Nicole Gratovsky

A Long List of Things
Skip Sweeney

As the Tree Under the Hurricane
Claudia Fischer

Ballet 422
Anna Rose Holmer
Ellen Bar

Sweet and Sour Salsa
Gustavo Cuervo Rubio

Football in the Valley
Moti Mitzri

Demise of Sugar
Dana Plays

Cry For Help
Andrea Praxmarer

Indian Roots of Tibetan Buddhism
Benoy Krishen Behl

Gazelle – The Love Issue
Cesar Terranova

Run Free – The True Story of Caballo Blanco
Maria Walton

In the Game
Gordon Quinn

The Sea Turtles of Lamu
Lorella Jowi

Powerful Medicine: Simply Magic
Kevin Spencer

Lords of BSV
Maria Soccor


Thank you, Madrid International Film Festival on this nomination for Best Producer in the film I Directed and co-wrote with Frank Orefice, Lords of BSV. This was a four year project with an outstanding ensemble cast. To be recognized for the work that I put in is such an honor. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to acknowledge all Producers on Documentary feature films!

Vanessa Marlowe

Hard work doesn’t even describe I’m sure all the time and effort all of these talented folk put into their beloved projects! Much kudos to all and a big shout out to Maria Soccor for being a very patient but no-nonsense gal when it came to getting the job done. For all producers, a nod of respect and a big bravo to you and your efforts!!

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