Michael Wandmacher

Giacomo Cella

Shirley Walker

Stop and Frisk
John Paul Ricardi

Nitin Sawhney

Jaysin Voxx ‘Hands on Me’
Carlos Hurtado
Aashish Gandhi

The Black Butterflies
David Quattrini

Garden of Dreams
Ariel Schlichter

Jorge Zertuche

Cairo Year Zero
Gentleman Lugosi

Jon Licht

Ideas Are That Grand
René Pérez Joglar

Lords of BSV
James A.Marno

The Debt
Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira

Lee Scratch Perry’s Vision Of Paradise
Daniela Schmid
Volker Schaner


[…] The film was nominated for best documentary at Madrid International Film Festival, Maria was nominated for Best Director of a Documentary,  Barry was nominated for Best Editor of a Documentary and I was nominated for Best Music in Film. […]

JAMMAN Productions!!!!! James Manno, Congratulations on your nomination for Lords of BSV. I was so fortunate you had the time to take this project on and we literally made great music. The original music and Score is so spectacular because of you! Thank you for working with me and for your full support.

Vanessa Marlowe

Yay for James A. Manno getting nominated for music on “Lords of BSV.” His skills really added such a wonderful fine touch to the piece. Thank you James and congrats on being nominated! XO

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