Shomshuklla Das

The Chosen One
Cristian Comeaga

The Magic Train
Joe Chang

Monalisa Mukherji

Young Couples
Marc Di Domenico

The Empty Classroom
Carlos Gaviria

Ferdinand Lapuz
Joel Lamangan
Harlene Bautista
Herminio Bautista
Jose Mari Abacan
Dennis Evangelista

The Intruder
Eva Eisenloeffel
Leontine Petit
Joost de Vries

WAX: We Are the X
Lorenzo Corvino

The Break-in
Jenny Lampa
Marcus Ovnell

Buddha In a Traffic Jam
Vivek Agnihotri

The Bit Player
Ferdinand Lapuz
Josabeth Alonso
Jeffrey Jeturian
John Victor Tence
Vilma Santos-Recto

The Firefly
Ana Maria Hermida
Luisa Casas

Seven Things To Do Before You Die
Kwun Wan Ho

Bob and the Sex Pistachios
Yves Matthey
Daniel Vouillamoz
Tiziana Caminada

The Winds That Scatter
Christopher Jason Bell


[…] Films 2015 Bronze World Medal for Best World Feature Film; 2015 Madrid International Film Festival Best Foreign Language Feature Film Nomination – The Bit Player – Producers: Ferdinand Lapuz, Josabeth Alonso, Jeffrey Jeturian, John […]

I’d love to know what day you are screening our foreign feature, “The WInds That Scatter”. I’m thinking of flying up there. Excited for the nomination, but 17 films? gonna be hard.

Reginald L. Barnes

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