Please see below the winners in each category for the 2014 Madrid International Film Festival:

Film Categories

Scientific & Educational Filmmaking Award
Mayfly – Brandon Willetts & Jordan Willetts

Best Cinematography
Picnic – Ritam Banerjee

Best Costume
The Falling Feather – Lili Wang

Best Animation
The Gold Sparrow – Daniel Stessen

Best Original Screenplay of a Foreign Language Film
Eli – Eli Kritharaki & Yianna Dellatolla

Best Director of a Short Foreign Language Film
Suicide Volunteers – Kenshow Onodera

Best Foreign Language Short
Dreams & Illusions – Yuji Kakizaki

Best Supporting Actress in a Foreign Language Film
Legend of the East – Wang Hui Qian

Best Supporting Actor in a Foreign Language Film
The Falling Feather –┬áKeifei Dong

Best Lead Actress in a Foreign Language Film
Late Spring – Seo-Hyung Kim

Best Lead Actor in a Foreign Language Film
Legend of the East – Yusril Ihza Mahendra

Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature Film
Barber’s Tales – Jun Robles Lana

Best Foreign Language Feature Film
Late Spring – Keun-Hyun Cho

Best Foreign Language Documentary
Emergency Exit – Brunella Fili

Honouring Spanish Language Film
Arde Lucus – Oscar Brais Revalderia Prieto

Jury Award
The Raven on the Jetty – Erik Knudsen & Janet Knudsen

Best Soundtrack
Nate & Vinnie – Luke Tierney

Best Make Up & Hair
Know How – Giann Rosa

Best Editing of a Documentary
Zack & Addie – Rob Florence

Best Producer of a Documentary Film
Great Voices Sing John Denver –┬áMilton Okun, viagra buy Rosemary Okun, visit Elisa Justice, Kenneth Shapiro

Best Directing of a Short Documentary
Darwin, Somewhere in the Desert – Anne Verdaguer

Best Short Documentary
Touche: A Blind Fencer’s Story – George Adams

Best Director of a Feature Documentary
The Falconer “Sport of Kings” – Edwin Brochin

Best Feature Documentary
South Beach on Heels – Dmitry Zhitov

Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film
Lapsus – Karim Ouaret

Best Producer of a Short Film
Level 2 – Spyros Kopanitsas, Myriam Khoury & Catalina Hoyos-Restrepo

Best Lead Actress in a Short Film
De Puta Madre: A Love Story – Catherine Black

Best Lead Actor in a Short Film
Seagull Boy – Mel Raido

Best Director of a Short Film
Three Hours Between Planes – Antony Easton

Best Short Film
NYC Rooftop Story – Ricardo Catalan Jr.

Best Editing of a Film
Forever Nevermore – Emerson Muzeli

Best Feature Film
Third Row Centre – Lloyd Handley

Best Music in Film
Great Voices Sing John Denver – Lee Holdridge

Best Television Mini Series
Welcoming Sabbath – Eldad Bouganim & Israel Winkler

Talented New Director
Fish in the Sky – Erica Fan

Best Story
Fish in the Sky – Erica Fan

Best Original Screenplay of a Feature Film
The Precipice – Michael Hatch

Best Producer of a Feature Film
Jail Caesar – Alice Krige & Paul Schoolman

Best Supporting Actress
Jail Caesar – Alice Krige

Best Supporting Actor
Helen Alone – Daniel Baldwin

Best Lead Actress
Know How – Claribelle Pagan

Best Lead Actor
3:13 – Paul Alexandro

Best Director
Helen Alone – Henrik Bech Poulsen

Best Film
Fish in the Sky – Erica Fan

Unproduced Scripts

Best Unproduced Script Based on a Political Thriller
The Moon, The Stars and All The Planets
Carey Dunn

Best Unproduced Script Jury Award
Billy and the Goblin Revolution
Amy Ricker

Best Unproduced Script Based on Action and Adventure
Just Ryan
Colin Carroll

Best Unproduced Script Based on a Historical Drama
Under Gods Sky
Brian Bowler

Best Unproduced Script Based on a Romantic Drama
Call Me Shine
Pedro Canais

Best Unproduced Documentary Script
Game of Spades
Majdi Abu-shehadeh


Thank you for the honor of having our film TOUCHE: A Blind Fencer’s Story screening in Madrid. And thank you to the Madrid International Film Festival for selecting our film as the 2014 Best Short Documentary!


George Adams

Thank you for the opportunity to screen at Madrid International Film Festival. It was an amazing experience. So many film makers from over 50 countries with accredited directors and producers, I didn’t think I had a chance. Thank you for selecting my film The Falconer “Sport of Kings” for Best Director of a feature documentary. I look forward to submitting my next film EL Toro’n – Spirit of the Bull in 2015.

Eddie Brochin

Antony Easton

Thank you Carl, Megan and the rest of the team at Madrid International for all your hard work and thanks for awarding me Best Short Film Director for Three Hours Between Planes.

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