Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film 2015

Unplugging Aunt Vera
Heather Warren

Leaving Stockholm
Veronica Quilligan

Dating Eliza
Jane Asher

Baby Crazy
Jaclyn Hennell

Three Shirts and A Bra
Taisha Cameron

Ana Lebovitz
Adi Feldman

Thanksgiving Dinner
Gloria Rosen

An Angel at Christmas
Vanessa Mayfield

Caring for the Recently Deceased
Abigail Thaw

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Best Producer of a Foreign Language Documentary 2015

Mohammed Njati

Bloody Good Headline
Shane Hogan

Jacqueline Aboumrad

Football in the Valley
Roy Krispel

I Married My Family’s Killer
Ace Weims

The Second Room
Sarvnaz Alambeigi

Uncle Tony, for sale Three Fools and the Secret Service
Mina Mileva
Vesela Kazakova

National …

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