Chris Vinopal

My Bonnie
Tim Fleming

The Secret Life of Balloons
Lauren Graham

Two and a Quarter Minutes
Chris McKechnie

Christopher Pritzlaff

Paolo Poletti

Kristen DiLiello

Stop and Frisk
Jamison Herndon

Bite the Bullet
Joris Bulstra

Carlo Rinaldi

Blind Date
Morten Forsberg

A Gringo Honeymoon
Bruce Francis Cole

Itamar Toren

Yuse Riera
My Pilot, ailment
Rafa Herrero Massieu

Ballet 422
Jody Lee Lipes
Nick Bentgen

Aaron Grasso

West 4th St: Portrait of a Park
Simeon Soffer
Jasani Jacobs
Matthew Volz

Gazelle – The Love Issue
Cesar Terranova

In the Game
Peter Gilbert

NOWITZKI. The Perfect Shot
Johannes Imdahl

Generation `89 – Growing up in the Year of Change
Robert Coellen

Eye Level
David Gueringer

Hollygrove – The True Life Story of Monserrat
Aashish Gandhi

Songs of the Bards of Bengal – The Bauls and Fakirs
Raktim Mondal

Lords of BSV
Khoa Le

Mark Ellam
Sarah Moffat


To My Cinematographer, Khoa Le, Congratulations! You are a superior Cinematographer, Director, artist, visionary and business man. I love working with you on every level, and it is no surprise Kvibe Productions is soaring. Congratulations my dear friend!!!!

Vanessa Marlowe

Khoa is an amazing cinematographer! It was a pleasure working with this professional, highly skilled talent. He always manages to make everything look good – from the spectacular to the mediocre, as I’ve seen his work on other projects. How wonderful that he is getting the recognition he deserves!

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